Saturday, July 02, 2016

NEW YORK METS(Colon) +197 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)(Win 4-3)
NEW YORK METS(Colon) +1.5(+110) over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)------Cubs have scored about 127 more runs than the Mets have;  so I can't say this line is 'wrong'.  But maybe the Met's offense is a little better now with Nimmo.  Batters still hitting only .178 vs Arrieta,  but he's walking about 1 every 2.5 innings and has only gone 5 inn in his last 2.  Cubs,  on a 4-8 run, and they're on the road.(Win 4-3...........Neil Walker 2-4 HR..........Travis d'Arnaud 2-3)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Wilson) +136 over Seattle Mariners(Paxton)-----After 7 straight wins,  Orioles just lost 2 to Seattle.  Overall,  the Orioles hit .271 and the Mariners have hit .261.  Well,  the Twins scored 17 runs today for SP Tyler we have Tyler Wilson.  Orioles ARE weaker vs lhps,  at .246.  I was gonna pass this but then I looked at Paxton.   If Paxton was half-way decent,  I could understand how the Mariners might be favored.   What has Paxton done this year?  Gave up a .320 average.  I'll take the underdog then.(Lose 12-6..............Mike Zunino is back with 2HR in this game.........Adam Lind 4-5, HR.........Tyler Wilson totally rocked)


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