Thursday, February 11, 2016

VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH RAMS -11 over Massachusetts Minutemen------Ah, yes:  the Commonwealth.  What a great team this year at 13-5 ATS.   Huge ATS advantage for VCU here and what bothers me about Mass is that they lost to the worst team in CBB this year:  Saint Louis.(Lose 69-63...........VCU lost this game!   Unbelievably pathetic.  They can go 13-5 ATS for everyone else,  but lose THE GAME as an 11-point favorite for BCLI.   Disgrace.   Failure.........Melvin Johnson 5-15 FG.)

WILLIAM & MARY TRIBE -3 over Hofstra Pride----------WM has the +ATS and the Revenge at home for a 28pt loss earlier----don't know what happened.(Lose lost to HOFSTRA??!!!  Fucking losers.   That's like losing to Wayne Chrebet!!!  How do you live with yourselves?  Greg Malinowski 2-9 FG,  1-5 on 3s.   Big fucking help.   Daniel Dixon 2-9 FG 0-4 on 3s.  )

PACIFIC TIGERS -4.5 over Loyola Marymount Lions----Loyola has the revenge but they are on an 0-6 ATS run.   Pacific beat BYU as a 17pt underdog in its last game.  (Lose 77-72...........Loyola Marymount shot 63% on 3s.   After shooting 36% on 3s on Feb 6th,  13.3% on the 4th,  35% on Jan 30th,  9.1 % on the 28th,  31.6% on the 23rd,  50% on the 21st,  41.7% on the 16th and 23.8% on the 9th.....Loyola shot 63% in this game against me.  )

JAMES MADISON DUKES pk over Charleston Cougars----JMU has the +ATS and the revenge and..........Charleston has one of the losingest names in sports right now:  Cameron Johnson.   They also have a Peyton Hulsey,  and I don't have much respect for that name right now either.(Win 56-52)

MURRAY STATE RACERS -6.5 over Siu Edwardsville Cougars--------Cougars have the home revenge but...........I don't think so:  This sorry team is losing to everybody.   I need this easy win.(Lose 70-64.........Murray State wins the 1st half by 13 then quits.........6 TOs by Jeffrey Moss)


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