Sunday, February 07, 2016

CAROLINA PANTHERS to win by 13-18 points in Super Bowl (+500)-----Denver has a good defense but they definitely have a scoring problem,  having scored less than 20pts in 6 of their games.  For example,  if the score is 23-6,  this bet wins.(Lose 24-10.......Newton threw 18 for 41:  a horrible 43%.  Actually,  he's not usually that bad.  He averaged about 59% this season.   Carolina was an amazing 13-5 ATS prior to this game.  How could they lose?   Guess it was strength of schedule.  Carolina got to play Tampa twice and Atlanta twice.  Denver,  although somehow losing to Oakland once while playing Oakland twice,  played the Patriots twice and the Steelers twice.   Denver was +2TO in this game.  However PATHETIC the Panthers looked on offense,  they actually outgained Denver by 121yds.  The game was probably fixed for Von Miller to get Super Bowl MVP.   Clearly,  when Denver beat the Patriots with Brock Osweiler on November 29th,  the game was fixed.  I know this because I had bet on the Patriots in that game.  Carolina did have a lucky season----just barely beating the Saints----who aren't very good.   If Newton was gonna turn out to be this bad,  I wish they'd have not fixed the Carolina game against Arizona so hard.   Honestly,  I think Arizona would have easily beat Denver.   Very strange that Denver actually won the Super Bowl this year)


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