Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ORLANDO MAGIC +8.5 over San Antonio Spurs(Win 98-96)
ORLANDO MAGIC +345 over San Antonio Spurs------they've got Elfrid Payton.........just after Peyton Manning......was on the winning team in the Super Bowl.   Two days ago,  Fletcher Magee,  from Orlando,  went 9 for 10 on 3s,  getting a career hi 34pts for Wofford Terriers.(Lose 98-96..........Kawhi Leonard made the game-winning shot when it was tied.  He was 3-3 on 3s.  Elfrid Payton failed to the make the wide-open less-than-a-second-left layup that would have tied the game again.)

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS -16 over La Lakers-----Lakers on a 4-0 ATS run but James Thompson had 19pts for EMU in a 15pt win yesterday and James Milliken had 9 pts for Creighton in its 14pt win yesterday over Xavier.(Lose 120-111.........Cavs won the 1st half by 17.  Then they went ahead by 22 in the 2nd half and Lebron James started to make 'show-off' passes.   They first one hit D'Angelo Russell in the groin and he went down with injury.  WERE U TRYING TO PUT IT BETWEEN HIS LEGS, LEBRON?   Stupid,  show-boat,  hi-risk pass,  and once the game-delay ended,  the Lakers immediately shaved the deficit---they had been behind by 22pts.   Then Lebron tries a cross-court pass that goes out of bounds,  oh,  but it was off the Lakers.   Lebron gets it right back and makes another stupid pass.  I LITERALLY SAW THIS WITH MY OWN EYES.   Yet Lebron James was only charged with 1 turn-over in the game!    How is that possible?   Bottom line:  Cleveland was well on it way to a cover,   Lebron James threw that cover away with a pass right at Russell's dick.   Show off.)

SAINT LOUIS BILLIKENS +7 over Richmond Spiders(Lose 67-53)
SAINT LOUIS BILLIKENS +270 over Richmond Spiders----Make no mistake,  Saint Louis has had a truly miserable,  miserable season.........5-13 ATS.  Unspeakably bad.   But.........the Bronco defense did have.............a name that Stl has here so,  they might decide to make an effort in this home game----MIGHT, tho.(Lose 67-53..........They only lost the 1st half 32-31.    But they quit in the 2nd half.  HEY,  LOOK AT THIS:   On a day when Lou Williams got 28pts for the Lakers and Louis Dabney got 32pts for Tulane.......SAINT LOUIS QUIT ON ME.   What the FUCK is this shit?   Mike Crawford 1-7 on 3s?  Aaron Hines 3-12 FG.   Now Saint Louis is fucking 5-14 ATS.   Truly the worst college basketball team measured by expectations this season.  I totally regret investing them.)


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