Thursday, February 04, 2016

MEMPHIS +2.5 over Connecticut---------Memphis has the Revenge,  the home-off-road-loss and the +offense............and 1 day after Jeremy Lin's 24 pts for Charlotte in a win,  Memphis has Jeremiah Martin so I'll take it.(Lose 77-57...............Sick----what advantage could Memphis have asked for that it DIDN'T HAVE in this fucking game?  Memphis shot more than 3 times as many FTs as Conn did..........and Memphis shot a pathetic,  retarded 58.3% on those FTs.  Memphis had 20 turnovers,  twice as many as Conn did.  Yet,  even with all that shit, Memphis actually WON the 1st half!  Utterly colossal failure by Memphis in this game:  One of the worst losses and worst performances I've ever seen.


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