Saturday, December 05, 2015

USC TROJANS +4.5 over Stanford Cardinal parlayed with IOWA HAWKEYES +3.5 over Michigan State Spartans parlayed with HOUSTON ROCKETS -3 over Sacramento Kings(+600)-----USC has Darreus Rogers,  a name sure to help after that Rodgers to Rodgers hail mary pass after the questionable face mask penalty in the same bankrupt city of Detroit where a pack of pit bulls tore apart a 4-year-old child earlier in the day.   Terrence Jones had 17pts for Houston last night and USC also has Ronald Jones.  USC also has the in-season revenge and.........Troy opened up a 24-0 1st quarter lead over UL Lafayette today in their game;  its 24-10 at halftime.   Michigan State............overrated:  they are 5-7 ATS this year.......MSU beat Purdue by 3..........they beat Ohio State by 3 in a game where Ohio State played worse than they've ever played(for some reason)...........MSU needed more than 1 lucky play to beat the perennially pathetic Michigan;  they've gotten LUCKY.  Michigan State's luck needs to run out and here's Iowa,  a team characterized by a season of solid,  winning consistency.(Lose 41-22...........USC is winning 16-13 with 6:00 left in the 3rd quarter.   Then they just throw the game away.   USC Trojans:  What a bunch of quitters)


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