Saturday, November 28, 2015

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +1.5 over Ohio State Buckeyes------By final scores,  Ohio State technically did better against Michigan State and Indiana than Michigan did.   But............Michigan had to get supernaturally unlucky to actually lose to Michigan State-----you do remember that,  right?  Yes,  playing at home didn't help Michigan beat Michigan State(nor did playing at home help Ohio State beat Michigan State).........but Michigan has 3 years of Revenge motivation against OSU,  so I'd probably play Michigan even if they weren't at home.(Lose 42-13.........Michigan loses the 2nd half 28-3.   What the fuck?   I cannot believe this shit.   Oh,  Michigan's "Honorary Coach" at the coin-toss was Bump Elliot..........and Ezekiel Elliott rushes for 214yds and 2 TD even though he didn't do shit the week before against Michigan State.   Hmmmm.   Who's on the video board in the 2nd half cheering on Michigan's pathetic defense?  Oh, that would be Ohio-man Charles Woodson.  SOMETHING happened at half time to ruin this game.   But what?  Could it have been that superfluous number retired-number-players' relatives?  I would say...........Michigan was never really that good(but looked good against weak teams).  But OHIO STATE WAS NEVER THAT GOOD.  You know who was probably the best team that Michigan and Ohio State beat this year?  INDIANA.  I mean,  Indiana's ok   OSU and Michigan will not win bowl games.   57 rushing yards by Michigan:  Pretty bad.  Darboh dropped 3 passes but...........why did Michigan SUCK so bad in the 2nd half?   Who did this to me?  Oh, yeah; the Russians and Christianity.)

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +9.5 over Michigan State Spartans(Lose 55-16)
PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +300 over Michigan State Spartans------Hey,  you know,  did you see Penn State against Indiana?  They crushed,  man;  PSU can have good games.   And Indiana is a team that MSU,  Michigan and Ohio State all struggled to beat...........and Penn State CRUSHED them in an even turnover ratio game.   And Penn State has 2 years of Revenge here vs MSU.  Believe.(Lose 55-16..........Penn State loses the 2nd half 35-6.  They would have almost covered if the game ended at halftime.   Michigan State outgains them by only 18yds............but wins 55-16.  And they got + 3 on TO ratio.   The Detroit Lions had their best game of the year 2 days before this!  and the Nittany Lions fuck up this badly for me?  That is a VERY DANGEROUS inconsistency..........totally uncalled for.  Fuck Michigan State I'm blowing them out with Iowa.)


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