Sunday, November 29, 2015

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -2.5(-115) over Denver Broncos-----Defenses are statistically even.  Patriots score a lot more points,  though.  For Patriots,  Edelman and Amendola are out.....blah blah blah.........some other injuries maybe.  Its in Denver,  probably why the line's so low for a 10-0 team that scores so many points.   I realize why some people wouldn't want to bet on a University of Michigan QB like Brady on the day after Michigan closed out yet another failed football season with a loss that failed to cover the spread by 4 touchdowns.   But I'm not sure its been names like 'Edelman',  'Belichek' or even 'Brady' which have been the primary source of fortune for this,  the most fortunate team in the NFL over the last 15 seasons.  They still have Rob Ninkovich,  Rob Gronkowski and Robert Kraft at owner,  don't they?   And was it not one of Carly Fiorina's hitmen,  Robert Lewis Dear,  whose passion for the safety of the unborn exploded in Jihad just 2 days ago IN Colorado,  the state in which this game will be played?   And was this not from the passion of the people---oppressed by Rahm Emanuel in Chicago-----who seized the will to power in their outrage against the video----suppressed so long in time to ensure Emanuel's re-election----of Police Atrocity?  And if the cop killed by Dear was 'Garrett' Swasze,  this would,  I think,  inspire LeGarrette Blount-----who the Patriots have and who is not injured----to heroic success beyond anything or anybody the Broncos have.  And who DO the Broncos have?  Oh,  #17 Brock Osweiler.   Fucking.............shit:  Do you know how fucking bad #17 Ryan Tannehill was today?   That passing game just sucks.  Terrible.  Completely incompetent.  AND I BET ON HIM...........the worst.   And so we're gonna see that 17 emulates 17 as Osweiler loses this game badly.(Lose 30-24...........Where were all the bogus penalties against the Patriots when I bet against them with Buffalo last week?  Fuck the NFL...........REFs suck.   Patriots lead 21-7 at the beginning of the 4th quarter............Broncos get stopped and punt.........ball goes off Chris Harper's chest for a fumbled punt return with the Broncos recover at the NE 36 yard-line.   This,  per se, wouldn't be so bad,  considering the snow and game conditions,  but when Denver fumbles a punt later on,  DENVER RECOVERS IT!  Thats a dangerous as fuck inequality and inconsistency when it goes against me.............bogus offensive pass-int penalty on Gronkowski which would have been a 1st down but instead, thanks to the corruption of the NFL refs,  NE has the punt.   With 2:31 left NE still should have won but they give up a 36-yd pass to Thomas and then a 39yd pass to Sanders over Butler----WHERE THE FUCKS THE PASS DEFENSE WHEN YOU NEED IT TO SAVE THE GAME!  Then with 1:25 left,  on a play where Osweiler is sacked for a big loss,  a bogus penalty is called on Chung in the endzone.   It seemed like almost all the penalties called against the Patriots were called against them in the 4th quarter.  That's a HUGE tell that this game was fixed.   If the NFL cared about Brady's cheating,  it could have replayed the Colts-Pats game with regulation-inflated footballs...........or at least made him serve his 4-game suspension.   Anything would have been better than this:  A BLATANTLY and obvious CRIMINAL fixed-game by NFL refs.)


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