Wednesday, December 02, 2015

BUFFALO +2 over St Bonaventure(Push 60-58........Buffalo 59% of FTs?????  Terrible..........Nick Perkins for Buffalo:  0-4 FGs and 1-4 FTs,   Ypsilanti, Michigan)

INDIANA +10.5 over Duke parlayed with SMU -6.5 over Tcu parlayed with 76ers +9 over Knicks(+600)------Sixers!  Got in the win-column now.   Well,  you had 32pts and 4-4 on 3ptrs from Robert Hatter yesterday for Cornell.........Roberto Luongo making 29 saves out of 30 chances to get the Florida Panthers an upset victory.........could help Indiana.   SMU sure didn't cover their last 2 vs Ivy League teams,  but they did beat Stanford.(Lose 94-74,  99-87 and 75-70........It seemed like Indiana should have lost by 40 and they only lost by 20:  Indiana sucks.   I can't believe they were only charged with 9 TOs!!!!  Indiana could not do anything----couldn't control the ball,  couldn't pass or shoot,  totally out-rebounded.   That's what I saw:  that Indiana simply was not anywhere near the caliber of a team like Duke.   But the stats don't look as bad;  I guess I just saw the 1st half)


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