Saturday, November 28, 2015

SATAN HALL PIRATES -3 over Georgia Bulldogs----------Massive failure by Christianity across the board.  I will END you fucks.   yea,  GOOD fucking Bye to an ENTIRE FUCKING RELIGION.  Fucking cunts.  Stop BOMBING THE freedom fighters in Syria,  Russia you Slavic pieces of HUMAN GARBAGE.   Stop bombing the FREE SYRIAN ARMY you GODDAMN FUCKING REDS!!!   Ohhh.......I'm gonna blow your whole FUCKING SHIT-HEAD CUNTRY,  Russia.  JUSTICE for Litvinienko,  YOU FAGGOTS!   ohhhhh,  you fucking bitch.  God is Dead.   God is fucking dead,  bitch.  200,000 dead and you fucks can't kill Assad?   Oh,  you're real fucking humanitarians aren't you?   Fucking cunts.   CHERNOBYL fucked me.  Chernobyl ruined MY FUCKING LIFE.   Yeah,  bitch-----I had a chance to have a life once.   Fuck your nuclear fucking waste,  Russia.   You want "Ukrainian Fascists"?
    you're gonna fucking have them now......dogface Russian slime-bag.   Fuck you.(Win 69-62.........Isaiah Whitehead 22pts.........Khadeen Carrington career-hi 20pts)

LSU TIGERS -6 over Texas A M Aggies--------Lsu off 3 losses   LES MILES WAS ALWAYS THE ANSWER!  and if you saw what the Memphis Tigers did today to SMU.....63-0......yup,  that's the future.  That's the answer!  fucking Russian maggots.   OH!  I'm not gonna fucking lose to Texas A and M against.   Look who they have:  Christian Kirk!  Fucking kill him.(Win 19-7.......Brandon Harris as QB for LSU,  33% w/ INT and they still win.  Leonard Fournette 159yds,  TD...........LSU + 2TO)

NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH +3.5 over Stanford Cardinal-----Notre Dame is 1-3 ATS over their last 4 games;  they beat Boston College only 19-16.   That's not good.  But Stanford's whole team is basically Christian McCaffrey!   You think Christian McCaffrey is gonna win today?  After Christian Hackenburg and the little-boy-rapers lost 55-16 !  Yeah: 55-16.  UnFUCKINGbelievable.   Stanford has the revenge and ND lost Prosise but...........55-16!  The only way ND doesn't win this is if Christian McCaffrey's replacement turns out to be great after he goes Out For the Season on an injury in the 1st quarter.(Win 38-36..........Notre Dame +110yds........Kizer 52% with 128rshing yds.......McCaffrey held to a 3.5 average..........Hogan 81%)


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