Friday, January 04, 2013

OKLAHOMA +140 over Texas A&M(Lose 41-13)
OKLAHOMA +3(-105) over Texas A&M----OK's defense may be suspect but they could be more motivated after some............underperformance during the season.   Don't be fooled by these new AIG ads promoting the criminally-destructive insurance group as,  now,  "Good for America".   AIG is scum and its reckless casino-insurance financially-engineered products DESTROYED massive amounts of wealth,  CRUSHED the economy and INSURED that all Americans would suffer for years due to the panicked MoralHazard-engendering decisions by governors and financial elites(who were all very highly paid, by the way).   AIG's "financial-insurance" products ENABLED a lifetime of future Moral Hazard punishments for this country AS WELL AS allowing bankers to loot their shareholders.   Goldman Sachs needs $12 billion so.............AIG has to get bailed out?  FUCK THAT SHIT.  The Jews STILL owe me $2,030.65.  You KNOW that.  Where the FUCK is my money?   Fuck AIG,  Fuck the Aggies.  Fuck 'em all.(Lose 41-13......Un-fuck-ing-believable)

UTAH JAZZ +2 over Phoenix Suns-----Utah has the revenge.(Win 87-80)


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