Tuesday, January 01, 2013

GEORGIA -8 over Nebraska------With underdogs kicking ass in this Bowl season,  I don't like laying points but.........2 teams that Georgia dominated this season both won their bowl games.  So I'll say I like the state with Georgia Tech dominating yesterday.(Win 45-31.........Aaron Murray 5TD..........Cokin's Bowl GOY was Nebraska??  I don't know,  he must like the Big-10)

WISCONSIN +5 over Stanford------Yea,  I think you have to play this(did USC represent the Pac-10-or is it 12?--- well yesterday?).   Stanford had a good day vs Oregon but......Arizona scored 48 on them.   And you really have to doubt Stanford after UCLA,  a team Stanford beat twice,  absolutely SHAT all over that conference's reputation against Baylor.   Wisky:  10 at QB----huge, and hugely lucky win for #10 Taj Boyd yesterday.   Ben Gordon was a big factor in a rare Charlotte win yesterday and Wisky has Melvin Gordon.   James Kinney 22pts for San Jose St----Wisconsin has James White.(Lose 20-14...........Big Ten sucks----But whoever was responsible for preventing the final score from being 17-14 or 21-20,  Fuck you.  Oh,  Usua Amanam INT,  FUCK THAT BITCH.)


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