Saturday, August 25, 2012

TWINS(Duensing) +220 over Texas(Dempster)(Lose 9-3.......Justin Morneau 4-4 HR)

MIAMI(Johnson) +160 over Dodgers(Kershaw)------Marlins have the revenge against Kershaw.(Lose 8-2......You'd think that on a day when Jhonny Peralta was 2-4 w/ GWRBI and Reed Johnson went 2-4 and Steve Johnson won pretty big for Baltimore and John Mayberry went 2-4, HR that Johnson wouldn't get rocked like this........)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Karstens) -110 over Brewers(Marcum)----Samardzija won yesterday and the Pirates have a 'Pedro'......with Ciriaco continuing to toy with MLB pitching.(Win 4-0)

PHILLIES(Halladay) -115 over Nationals(Gonzalez)-----Phillies have the double-revenge against Gonzalez and........Halladay has the Pitcher Revenge.(Win 4-2)

COLORADO ROCKIES(White) -105 over Chicago Cubs(Raley)(Win 4-3)


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