Friday, August 17, 2012

HOUSTON ASTROS(Keuchel) +165 over Arizona(Miley)----Astros have the Team Revenge against Miley and Keuchel has the Pitcher Revenge vs the Diamondbacks.(Lose 3-1.........Wasted.  25LOB for the Astros.........Jason Castro 0-4, GIDP......Why was he in this lineup against the Lhp?   You gotta have the rhb catcher playing against Miley because that's what lost this game.  Astros manager Brad Mills is to be fired immediately;  you can't screw up like this when I bet on you----Keuchel did fine;  that's what was wasted.)

MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Gallardo) -150 over Phillies(Worley)(Win 6-2.....#2 Nyjer Morgan 2-3)
MILWAUKEE BREWERS(Gallardo) -1.5(+125) over Phillies(Worley)(Win 6-2)

METS(Santana) +148 over Nationals(Detwiler)-----Santana is coming off 4 straight rockings---some of them brutal.  But Johan may be worth a chance today after Garrett Jones and Chipper Jones EACH had 2 HR yesterday.(Lose 6-4.......just thought Nationals wouldn't win all their games.)


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