Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BOSTON RED SOX(Beckett) +100 over Orioles(Chen)-----TXAM shooter "liked" Beck on Facebook so,  of that fresh shooting,  I think Beckett might do a bit better----or at least get could run support.  EGADS!  Looks like Dave Cokin shot up our top pick yesterday by taking the Nationals. (14-2?????  fucking massacre)  That's ok;  we'll shoot up his free pick here.(Lose 7-1......Ok, maybe Thomas Caffall wasn't our shooter(due to his abundant FoxNews/Tea-Party/NRA associations but......the Red Sox are away from home(I mean,  away from the toxic Bank of America signs that have infected Fenway Park).....they've got a chance to win, right?  Beckett used to be an ace, right?   Wrong.   The Boston Red Sox suck----fucking 2nd highest payroll, right?  They're not even .500!  That's a disgrace.   I would definitely put Beckett in the minor leagues and fire Valentine immediately.)

SAN FRANCISCO(Bumgarner) -121 over Nationals(Zimmerman)----I'm gonna give this team one more chance.   And that is because the Giants have the team revenge here against Zimmerman...while Bumgarner has the pitcher revenge against the Nationals.   If the Giants don't give Bumgarner the support here, THEY ARE DONE.  I'm serious; we'll get somebody else from this division in the playoffs......Arizona or, better yet,  the Padres.   No team loses for me 3 times in a row.   This is the last 2nd chance.(Win 6-1........CG Madison Bumgarner)


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