Thursday, August 16, 2012

PHILLIES(Lee) over Brewers(Estrada) parlayed with WHITE SOX(Liriano) over Blue Jays(Laffey) +210-----Eric Chavez went 3-3 yesterday along with Eric Young's 2-4, HR.....Tyler Colvin was a hero for Colorado with his GWRBI.  Well,  the Phillies have Kratz and Wigginton.   Liriano has the Pitcher Revenge as last meeting the Jays did rock him.(Lose 7-4.........Phillies had more than twice as many H+BB as the Brewers;  it wasn't to be.   Dominic Brown has a weak bat---very hard for a hitter that lame to hit a good fastball.  He went 1-4 then had a chance to make a game-saving fence-catch on Corey Hart's GS.   No---he didn't have the coordination and it looks like it bounced off his glove,  or very close to his glove.)


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