Tuesday, August 21, 2012

KANSAS CITY(Hochevar) +230 over Tampa Bay(Price)(Win 1-0.....#35 Eric Hosmer 2-4, GWRBI)

ASTROS(Harrell) +230 over Cardinals(Wainwright)-----Astros on a 1-6 run...ummmm,  Jonathon Lucroy 2HR yesterday and what?  Some kid named 'Lucas' pitched a no-hitter in the Little League WS.(Lose 7-0........CG and 12Ks by Wainwright)

SAN FRANCISCO(Lincecum) over Dodgers(Blanton) parlayed with NATIONALS(Strasburg) over Atlanta(Maholm) parlayed with ARIZONA(Cahill) over Miami(Nolasco) +460(Lose 6-5.......Ohhhhh, my----almost had a HUGE day here at BCLI.  If it weren't for Stanton and Donovan Solano,  I might be dialing my boy Romney right about now(You know, to get a rec on the best Swiss bank to use for my overflowing wealth) )


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