Thursday, August 02, 2012

CARDINALS(Lynn) over Rockies(White) parlayed with OAKLAND(Colon) over Toronto(Alvarez) +190-----Well......each player who hit 2HR in a single game yesterday had......two "L"s in their name:  Rollins, Wallace, Holliday and Albert Pujols. (Lose 8-2........Alex White and the Rockies HAVE won games before........(not too many tho).....its kind of shocking to see it happen.  Stl seemed to be rolling along offensively.......couldn't imagine them only scoring 2 runs.   Ohhhhhh,  that's right---there was a shooting in Colorado........and the psychiatrist was "Lynn"!!!!  With 2 'Alex's having been killed.   Why did I mentally bloch that out???   I mean,  there was Welner,  making an ass of himself as usual trying to cover for the psychiatric industry's failure----"I interviewed Andrea Yates.  She KNEW she was gonna kill her kids and she DID NOT tell her psychiatrist she was going to do that!"----(yea,  that's nice;  somewhat of a false analogy with Holmes having sent his psychiatrist drawings of his planned crime.)  talking to Erin.......wearing "White".   TimeWarner,  come on, dude,  why don't you just give me the money?  You know you owe.)


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