Thursday, May 11, 2017

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Holland) -119 over Minnesota Twins(Hughes)------Holland is good enough now that you wanna bet on him.   While the Twins offense is better,  both offenses are weak.  Hughes is hittable and the White Sox have the Team Revenge against Hughes at home here.(Lose 7-6.....Holland strikes out Sano on a 3-2 pitch right down the middle in the 1st inning.  However,  HP ump Jerry Layne forgets to call it a Sano walks.  Then a double-play ball is hit and a near perfect relay throw to 1st baseman Jose Abreu results in..............Abreu dropping the ball for an Error.  Catching the ball would have ended this inning----the 1st inning.   Instead,  4 unearned runs are scored in the 1st inning.  And yes,  this obviously affected the outcome of this 1-run game)

LA DODGERS(Ryu) -123 over Colorado Rockies(Hoffman)------Ryu is decent,  not great.  And the Dodgers' offense isn't any worse than Colorado's.  (In fact,  the Dodgers have taken 39 more walks this year).   But Hoffman is quite questionable;  he's pitched 1.1 innings this year and he had 6 starts last year in which............he sucked.(Lose 10-7..........Hey,  Chase Utley 3-5 raising the average to .183-----Great,   NOW WHAT ABOUT THE FUCKING ERRORS??! Hoffman sac bunts in the bottom of the 2nd and Austin Barnes throws to second base where Seager,  with his glove all the fuck over the ball,  somehow can't CATCH it.  Error on Barnes for the throw...and then 5 unearned runs are scored in the rest of the bottom of the 2nd inning.  Dodgers win the game 7-5 if we subtract those unearned runs.   All in all,  two BCLI games today and 9 total unearned runs make me lose both games.)


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