Thursday, December 31, 2015

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +10 over Alabama Crimson Tide-----Alabama has allowed 43pts against Mississippi and 23 against TXAM.  Every other game Alabama has allowed fewer than 20 points.   So their defense is pretty good.   MSU is 5-7 ATS could point to games where they got lucky.   But indications of luck pertaining to their coach are visible:  Ryan Arcidiacono 27pts today in a Villanova blowout;  GWFG by Rafael Gaglianone last night for Wisconsin;  career-hi of 26pts by Mark Donnal on Michigan yesterday;  20pts by Marc Loving on Ohio State yesterday;  a blowout 112-79 win by San Antonio yesterday.
    I find it extremely suspicious that,  just a day before this game featuring Connor Cook at QB,  somebody named Connor Cummings could fall off a building.....
 (A 24-year-old daredevil photographer fell to his death as he tried to take a snapshot atop Midtown’s swanky Four Seasons Hotel, officials said Thursday.

Connor Cummings, of Rockaway, N.J., and 18-year-old pal Dimitri Olivares managed to get onto an upper floor of the landmark hotel overlooking Central Park Wednesday night,) we'll say Michigan State's luck continues,  at least for this game.(Lose 38-0..........Unbelievable.  This is the Final Four of football.........and Michigan State scores ZERO points.  How did Michigan State get into this game that they were clearly not qualified to be in??   Connor Cook:  48% and a hapless -24 rushing yards.   No,  really,  Michigan State was somehow the Big Ten Champion!!  Ohhhh,  god,  what a pathetic Conference.   Michigan State has 29 total rushing yards in this game.   Surely a MAC team would have rushed for more.   Henry 2TD..........Calvin Ridley 2TD for Alabama.  I don't think Big Ten teams belong in these Bowl games.  Not this year.   Michigan State: What a JOKE.   What a pathetic fucking JOKE.)


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