Sunday, December 27, 2015

MIAMI DOLPHINS -2.5 over Indianapolis Colts--------They...........seem to be doing pretty well in basketball down there in Miami.   Well here it is.   A vote of confidence.   Dolphins have been scoring an average of less than 20 points for some time.......maybe a 15 point average.   Colts have scored low over their last 3 games also so.........with Miami at home,  I can see why they are favored.   I mean,  they do suck but.........that was a good lobster I just ate.(Lose 18-12.......Miami outgains them by 93yds and wins the Time Of Possession by 5:38.   Colts QB is injured in the 2nd quarter when the score is 8-6.   So........basically,  Charlie Whitehurst comes in at QB for Colts and beats Dolphins 10-6 the rest of the game.   That this was a home game for Miami makes this loss more mysterious.   Tannehill threw for 329yds at 68%.   That's not bad.  Problem was he was sacked 6 times.   Ajayi and Miller averaged 2.6 and 2.1yds/carry.   So Miami has absolutely no running game.  Although there is,  apparently,  a Dolphins wife who tweets against Tannehill,  I think all of south Florida will see harsh consequences for this.  Whitehurst!  ???)


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