Saturday, December 26, 2015

WASHINGTON STATE -1.5 over Miami------Miami came back with the hail-lateral-mary to beat Duke on the last play after their 58-0 beatdown by Clemson.  And they did a little better,  winning their last game on the road at Pitt.   But Falk is PROBABLE to play in this game and WSU either covered against,  beat,  or both(mostly beat),  all of the good Pac-12 teams except Washington(when Falk was hurt).   I think,  with Washington State beating New Mexico 82-59 yesterday as a 3.5pt underdog,  there's more than half a chance that Falk makes all of the Heisman voters look STUPID here and blows Miami out.   But he some form of injury,  so he might just win modestly.(Win 20-14.........Gabe Marks TD)


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