Saturday, October 24, 2015

ILLINOIS +6 over Wisconsin------Not only is Illinois off a bye,  they have the home-off-road-loss and 5 years of Revenge motivation.   With Lorenzo Cain scoring from 1st base on a hit for the game-winning run yesterday,  Cain's not a bad name to have here and Illinois has it with Desmond Cain.  Both teams have lost to Iowa so its not like one team's a lot better than the other.(Lose 24-13..........   Watch that shit and it looks like Illinois won.   Why don't you show all the dropped passes by Zach Grant?  Fuck this shit.   Even TO ratio...........all the advantages..........How the fuck does the 'Land of Lincoln' do this to me?
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 Dina Omar ‏@dinnaomar  Oct 21
Dina Omar Retweeted Ali Abunimah

Everyone seems to forget that corporate media outlets are also Israeli weapons used to destroy Palestinian lives.)
    Fuck Illinois,  this Zionist university.........
(Steven Salaita ‏@stevesalaita  Oct 23
.@davidshorter with a terrific analysis of Zionist dishonesty and repression in academe: …)
    Illinois can't win for me on 5 years of Revenge and now JK Rowling's a fucking Zionist!???????
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.@jk_rowling signed this anti-BDS letter calling for more "cultural bridges"...between who? Israel and the West? …)
     Un-fucking-real.   This is worse than bankers destroying capitalism,  robbing me and getting bailed out for 400 Billion.    The Jews own Illinois.
(Steven Salaita ‏@stevesalaita  Oct 22
Many Germans say they can't support #BDS b/c of "what we did."

Rest easy, Germany!  You can now BDS without any of the guilt!

NO REMORSE !  no fucking remorse.........)

MISSISSIPPI REBELS -5 over Texas AM Aggies------TXAM has only played 1 road game and.........they're on the road here;  Ole Miss has the home-off-road-loss and,  with a +5TO,  they did beat Alabama.(Win 23-3..........Mississippi +279 yards..........Could have won today with Mississippi State or Southern Mississippi)

INDIANA +16.5 over Michigan State------Well,  Indiana has Ricky Jones----after Tevin Jones had 2TD for Memphis last night.   Indiana's had 2 bad games after almost beating Ohio State.  Here,  they have 6 years of Revenge motivation against MSU.  Indiana is on the road but,  with Watts-Jackson Out For The Season,  Michigan State is gonna have trouble winning this game.(Lose 52-26.........Griffin Oakes 2XP missed,  1 FG missed.   MSU scores at 5:32 left in the 4th quarter to make the score 38-26.   Fine.  Now Indiana gets the ball.............and should just run out the clock,  so i can win money, asshole.....
(4:18 4th - IND 4th & 5, at IND45

Nate Sudfeld incomplete pass to the left)
   ...........but what the fuck is this,  Indiana?   You went for it on 4th down????  Just punt!
(3:47 4th - MI ST 2nd & 12, at IND47

LJ Scott rushed to the right for 18 yard gain)
    What the fuck.  You gotta stop him.  You can't quit!
(3:30 4th - MI ST 2nd & 8, at IND26
LJ Scott rushed up the middle for 26 yard touchdown. Michael Geiger made PAT)
     Guess Indiana doesn't care about my money.
(2:17 4th - MI ST 1st & 1, at IND1

Michigan St. kicked off, Damon Graham returned kickoff for 20 yards. Damon Graham fumbled)
      You've already lost my money,  Indiana,  but now you have to fumble.  Really?   What the fuck is the point with you? )


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