Sunday, June 28, 2015

TAMPA BAY(Archer) -200 over Boston(Masterson)(Lose 5-3)
TAMPA BAY(Archer) -1.5(+125) over Boston(Masterson)------Wo,  look at Tampa being 8-games over .500.   Masterson----wild and hittable.  And you can get this southern oreo Archer,  having his best home,  for..........well,  the price is high but Christian Yelich went 4-4 yesterday and Chris Carter had an HR..........and this is Chris Archer.(Lose 5-3.........Archer allows 5ER in this game.   Do you know how many other games have occurred when Archer has allowed 5ER this year?  ONE.   1 other start OUT OF 16 where Archer has allowed 5ER.   And when I bet on him,  he's gonna do that shit????   Fuck you.  Fucking sick..........and at THIS fucking price!   Tampa took 1 walk against this wild man,  Masterson.   Yeah....Souza,  Cabrera,  Longoria all swinging at shit.   Joey Butler swung at a pitch over his fucking head!   Tampa has a horrible offense----I thought maybe they changed,  got better.  No.)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Milone) +132 over Milwaukee Brewers(Fiers)-----I like the fact that the Twins have KurtS uzuki after that head-on-fence incident at the American Air Products gas factory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier.   Brewers only hitting .219 vs lhps.........don't think Fiers is better than Milone.(Lose 5-3........Blaine Boyer----Atlanta, Georgia----had a SAVE chance that he blew!  And then Casey Fiend gave up 4ER in 0inn.   Milone did good;  Twin bullpen fucked this game.   I'll remember this fucking shit.)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Mchugh) -102 over New York Yankees(Pineda)------While Michael Wacha did win yesterday and Mike Zunino had an HR,   Pineda may be incapable of changing speeds;  he's hittable for those who can hit fastballs(what happened yesterday with Oberholtzer----no,  he's not really a serious pitcher;  he'd just been getting lucky.   Mchugh's a serious pitcher).(Win 3-1)


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