Sunday, June 21, 2015

BRANDEN GRACE +600 to win US Open--------Did Randal Grichuk hit 2 home runs against me yesterday?  Well then it must be  RAND RACE that can win this as Rand is extractable from famous media names like Dylann Roof,  the South African flag advertiser.(Lose 71.........Check my phone,  see its Grace -5,  Spieth -5.  So I get up.   First SHOT I see in this twosome is Grace driving at THE TRAIN TRACKS!!   Dude,  the fairway's TO THE LEFT!   Where is he going?   Fucking where's he going?   That's the first shot I see he hits it right to the fence: OB.   Great.  That was fun.  I see ONE SHOT and he kills his tournament-----right at the fucking Train Tracks.   Ohhhhhh,  Spieth is real good:  win the Masters and win this one with an inexplicable 3-putt by Johnson.  Over;  no playoff.  The course was REAL cool............but this outcome.........I guess I should have just stayed asleep.)


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