Saturday, June 20, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) +102 over San Diego Padres(Ross)-----I don't usually like to think in terms like,  'The line is wrong',  but.........we know Ross sucks:  he's walked 1 every 2 innings which is,  in this era of baseball when a lot of pitchers are getting better with this sort of thing,  bad.  Ray, on the other hand,  has given up 3 ER in 4 starts this year.   Not only do the Padres not have the home field here,  they are an inferior offense;  Arizona hits more than 20 points higher than San Diego and has taken 20 more walks.   And Arizona's not even favored???   Pshhh.(Lose 8-1.........Fuck this shit)

PHILLIES(Harang) +138 over Cardinals(Lackey)------Is this the right price for a team that has won only 1 game for every 2 losses against a team that has won 2(but hacks) for every 1 loss?  No.   But the Phillies do have Brown and Asche back now and Howard seems to have emerged a bit in the last couple days with some HRs........Utley?  No improvement at .181(in fact,  decline) but batters have only hit .225 off Harang this year and Phillies probably owe their fans a win at home.(Lose 10-1.........score ONE for me............and then u go 31 in you're next 3 games.  Thanks)


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