Friday, June 05, 2015

OAKLAND A's(Kazmir) +102 over Boston Red Sox(Miley)------A's have the Team Revenge against Miley who,  all things considered,  is not as good a pitcher as Kazmir.   Both teams have similarly poor records and both have some guys who are very poor---and ok----vs lhp's.   On April 29th,  when 'The Casual Vacancy' came out on HBO with Abigail Lawrie playing Krystal Weedon,  one of the main characters,  Brett Lawrie was hitting .225.  He's now up to .281.   Lawrie made that character look a lot better than I had envisioned her when I read the book.   So I think the A's have a lot more upside here than the Red Sox,  especially if Kazmir's arm stays healthy.(Lose 4-2...........Kazmir's not really that good, is he?  Guess I just wanted to play Lawrie.  Congrats on breaking his bat but............isn't it safer to work together with us.......
(The woman struck by part of the shattered bat of A’s third baseman Brett Lawrie in the second inning of Friday’s game against the Red Sox in Fenway Park was listed in serious but stable condition midday Saturday.   ...........Friday night the woman’s condition was called life-threatening, but by Saturday, Boston police spokeswoman Officer Rachel McGuire said “she is expected to survive.’’)....)

PIRATES(Morton) -124 over Braves(Perez)----Perez MIGHT be good..........his stats in his 1st 2 starts are good.  But...........he's a 6 foot tall rhp.......hmmm.   Kind of rare for a rhp to be good and also that short.   Pirates have really come back,  on a 11-2 run right now.   Atlanta's not winning at that rate lately,  but they did score very well against Arizona recently.   With the Charlie Manson revival just coming on from David Duchovny and NBC on the 'Aquarius' show,  I'll go with Charlie Morton;  I'll go with NBC here.(Win 10-8.........Charlie's unstoppable!  NBC puts him and his prosecutor dies.   Guess he's not guilty;  his "family" did the crimes,  not him)

DETROIT TIGERS(Ryan) +135 over Chicago White Sox(Quintana)-----Tigers on a 2-9 run and..........they still have a pretty good offense,  especially at this price.   Ryan,  inexperienced but Quintana,  highly beatable.   So we'll go WITH the train-crash hit on Chicago today and against the White Sox.(Lose 4-3)


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