Thursday, June 04, 2015

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) +128 over New York Mets(Harvey)-------Matt Harvey,  from New London, Connecticut, eh?,  got rocked by Pirates 2 starts ago altho he's walking only 1 every 6inn.   Robbie Ray,  only 1 start,  but I'm gonna look at Billy Butler's 2-4 today and Brad Boxberger getting the W for the Rays last night and go with the 'BB' there,  see it?  Arizona is,  actually,  the better offense hitting .266 against the Mets' .239...........and Az has scored 46 more runs than the Mets.(Lose 6-2........I guess I'd never seen Ray pitch before;  he was throwing 95-96-97 mph.   I had thought he was just a weak lhp throwing junk.  Ray left after 5inn with a 1-0 lead............and then Dominic Leone from fucking NORWICH, CONNECTICUT...........comes in with 1 inning of work to get the BS and L giving up 4H and 3ER.   But why do the Diamondbacks even have him?   Let's look at Leone:  April 30th:  goes 1.1inn in relief to give 1ER and take the Loss.
                 May 5th:  in 0 innings he give 1ER and take the Loss
                 May 31st:  take the Loss in 1inning of work and gives 3ER
                 That's a lot of consecutive losses to take as a relief pitcher.
                 Then on June 1st he goes 2inn and give no ER.  No decision.
Well,  now he's on Arizona and he's picked up another L in the relief.   I'd say he's definitely a loser.  The 2 runs that Arizona scored were..........totally inadequate considering they hit .266 but......Leone)

TEXAS RANGERS(Gallardo) -1.5(+175) over Chicago White Sox(Rodon)------Fielder is hitting .291 vs lhps and,  besides Choo and Smolinski,  the Rangers are pretty good vs lhps.   Gallardo has pitched a lot of innings and is reliable..........Rodon is walking more than 1 every 2innings.   I'll go for an offensive mauling by the Rangers.(Lose 2-1..........Disgusting I'm fucking disgusted..........Gallardo did great but.................HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET 12 HITS,  6 WALKS AND ONLY SCORE 2 RUNS?  Huh?   Ok, let's compare:  On this same day,  the Cubs got 2 runs,  winning their game 2-1 vs Washington,  with only 6 H and 2 BB-----half as many hits as the Rangers got and only 33% of the number of walks the Rangers took.   Lets the look at another team that got 12 hits on this day and took 5 walks:  The Cardinals.........SEVEN runs.  The Cardinals scored 7 runs with the same number of hits as the Rangers had and 1 less walk.   What the fuck, Rangers?  Fire some base-coaches!)


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