Friday, March 20, 2015

PROVIDENCE -2.5 over Dayton(Lose 66-53......Kris Dunn 5PFs,  LaDontae Henton 7-26(that's a lot of missing).   I can't believe this shit happened with Providence being able to almost beat Villanova,  but now we know how overvalued Villanova was---that the BIG EAST sucks....who the fuck is coaching Dayton?  I don't know.......Archie Miller.  Does that make any sense?)

MARYLAND -4.5 over Valparaiso parlayed with CAL IRVINE ANTEATERS +8 over Louisville Cardinals(+250)----Maryland is at least a good Big Ten with a win over Wisconsin.  And I'll bet the Big Ten is better than Valparaiso's conference.   Louisville has a win over Virginia but they've clearly been overvalued this year.   Well,  with D'Angelo Russell's amazing 29pt performance for OSU yesterday,  Irvine has Russell Turner at Head Coach.(Lose 65-62.......what a waste of a good cover by Irvine by Maryland.  4 and a half points, just COVER Maryland.)


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