Sunday, March 22, 2015

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS -4.5 over Michigan State Spartans------NC State over Villanova!  ACC up.  Virginia 79pts in their first game;  that's good because they sometimes don't score enough points.   Tony Parker a HUGE career-hi of 28pts yesterday for UCLA and...........apparently,  Virginia's coach is Tony Bennett.(Lose 60-54........YOU FUCKING SUCK.   How does this happen?  Justin Andersen London Perrantes and Brogdon combine to go 1-14 on 3s.   How does that happen?   How does that happen,  YOU FUCKING RACISTS ? Total fucking disgrace.   (this was not that bad a bet).  Why don't you check a black man's ID AND FUCKING RIP HIS FACE BLOODY,  you fucking sex-slave-raping Thomas Jeffersons.)


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