Saturday, March 07, 2015

DAVIDSON -8.5 over Duquesne------Davidson now 21-4 ATS----I don't know about you,  but I'd like to partake of this 84% Guaranteed Money Tree.  (Win  107-78.........Davidson 55% on all 3s.......61.5% on FGs...........Jack Gibbs 5-5 3s, 19pts........Tyler Kalinoski 32pts,  8-10 on 3s........Jordan Barham 20pts)

UIC FLAMES +12 over Wisc Green Bay Phoenix------Flames have the double revenge here and,  while they have lost some games by a lot of points,   they haven't done that LATELY,  as they are on a 4-0 ATS run.   So yeah,  we'll definitely take them with this many points.(Lose 70-56.....Disgrace for UIC to drop the double revenge w/o covering-----Is this the sorry, un-accredited school that Kanye dropped out of?-----PERFORMANCE OF SHAME goes to Lance Whitaker 1-6,  0-2 FTs and 5PFs)


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