Friday, August 10, 2012

TWINS(De Vries) +103 over Rays(Hellickson)(Lose 12-6.......Not since April 18th has Tampa scored 12 runs in a game and........only a very few games has Tampa scored more than 4 runs when Hellickson pitches.  But I guess it makes sense:  Hell has won.......elites and authorities have done nothing to compensate victims of financial crime(at least my bankroll hasn't felt it).  Goldman Sachs continues to exist.  The Jews still have the money I lent them and won't pay it back.   This is the world they've made:  Anything goes.)

ARIZONA(Cahill) +113 over Nationals(Strasburg)(Lose 9-1.......only 1 hit off Strasburg?)

CUBS(Germano) +144 over Reds(Bailey)(Lose 10-8.......I guess Germano can't save this losing, pathetic franchise......stupid management,  incompetent front office.......2 UNCONSCIONABLY LACKADAISICAL errors out of the 3 total errors in the 3rd inning by the Cubs by Castro and Rizzo.  (And these were 3 out of the FIVE TOTAL ERRORS by the Cubs in this game).  These errors that I saw were so..........pathetic as to seem unreal.   The kind of Kafkaesque events that are so bizarre they can only be blamed on management and personnel "culture".  Or maybe even the culture of "team history".   The Cubs could have hired me and they didn't.   I expect them to embark immediately on a 14-game losing streak.)


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