Monday, October 20, 2008

DENVER +3(-115) over Patriots-------If you dont already know, or havent figured it out, the theme of the current.....ummm era is a kind of reckoning. Those who have underperformed in the past, tend to overperform in the present. Although, Patriots have home-off-road-loss motivation, they dont seem to have the right colored uniforms. Blue....water and truth. White.....innocence and guilelessness. What did the Patriots do last year....ummmm, cheat by using a video camera? Yes, they did it. They are not innocent or guileless. Cutler is going to be a phenomenal player this year. Denver also wears a more flexible color: orange. Denver is far too good to have only gone 1-4 ATS this year(Lose 41-7......uhhh, scam)


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