Sunday, October 12, 2008

BALTIMORE + 10.5 over Colts teased with JETS -2.5 over Bengals teased with PACKERS +8 over Seattle(+150)----------Baltimore has outgained every team they've played while the Colts have only outgained 1 team that they've played. Balt specializes in rushing and Colts run defense has been weak. Balt has the revenge after losing to Colts last year and they are coming off 2 losses while Colts are coming off a lucky win. Jets off the bye at home; their defense should be strong enough to stop whatever offense the Bengals can muster without Palmer at QB. Green Bay needs this win after 3 losses and altho Seahawks have home-off-road-loss, they were COMING OFF THEIR BYE last week and still got totally blown out. I think they're a weak team and may not have their starting QB this game(this could actually help them as Hasselback has been throwing only 48% this year) (Lose by by 17.5....Ravens -4 on the turnover ratio.....Colts may be getting it together)

BALTIMORE +3.5 over Colts (Lose 31-3)
PACKERS pk(+100) over Seattle(Win 27-17)


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