Saturday, October 11, 2008

GEORGIA -6.5 over Tennessee teased with Toledo vs Michigan OVER 43.5---------Georgia is off the bye at home and has the revenge while Tennessee is looking very weak, struggling to beat Northern Illinois, struggling to score points and having lost to UCLA. Michigan's rushing defense is probably the best part of their team and I dont think Toledo will try to run. So I expect 40+ passing attempts by them. Michigan's rushing is the best part of their offense and I think they could be successful against Toledo's weak rushing defense. (Lose by 20.5....well, Toledo's Qb had 50 passing attempts....that's usually enough, but not here. hmmm?)

KENTUCKY +9 over South Carolina teased with MISSISSIPPI STATE +8 over Vanderbilt--------Miss State off the bye at home......I'll give them a try here altho Im cautious since their offense hasnt produced much yet and Vandy's new Qb looks like a good runner. Vanderbilt, of course, has been very lucky so far on the turnover ratio. That cant last forever. Kentucky has the home revenge and home-off-road-loss after losing to Alabama only by 3. I think South Carolina is a solid team, just not the best spot for them here.(Win by 11 and 2)


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