Sunday, February 05, 2017

ATLANTA FALCONS +3(-115) over New England Patriots(Lose 34-28)
ATLANTA FALCONS +125 over New England Patriots(Lose 34-28)
ATLANTA FALCONS -3.5(+200) over New England Patriots(Lose 34-28)
ATLANTA FALCONS -7.5(+355) over New England Patriots--------Do the Patriots need to win another SB..........most people would say,  No.   Falcons........they've pretty decent for a number of years,  but no SB appearance.   Falcons were forecast to be 8-8,  they wound up 11-5.   Patriots only lost 2 games but.........Patriots played the Jets twice,  SF once,  the Browns once..........and the Rams---that's 5 games against some of the worst teams.   As far as "information" favoring the seems to me to be.........almost omnipresent:  Sure,  just yesterday UTEP won as an 11-point underdog with 14pts from Matt Willms while Matt Mooney had 26pts for South Dakota in a win(the name seems to be pro-Falcon) and oh,  why did Golden State lose as a 14.5pt favorite yesterday?  Matt Barnes had 11pts and 14 Rebs for Sacramento.  Ok.  But I spy other names; like a massive blowout by an Oregon(27pts) with Dillon Brooks having 18pts.   On February 2nd,  the Atlanta Hawks were a 9.5 pt underdog and won the game outright,  in Houston(and that's........where the SB's being played).  Oh,  Rutgers upset Penn State yesterday with 15pts from DeShawn Freeman.
      I'm not saying the Pittsburgh Steelers were good(because I bet on them one time this season and they lost 30-15 to Miami!),  but there certainly is a whiff of "illegitimacy" about the Patriots victory over the Steelers due to........
(Dennis Harrison appeared in East Boston Municipal Court on Monday, just hours after his favorite team, the New England Patriots, defeated the Steelers, 36-17, in the AFC championship game. Harrison pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and setting off a false fire alarm. He was released on personal recognizance....

“Harrison informed me that he knowingly and willingly activated the fire alarm system with the sole purpose of attempting to disrupt the Pittsburgh Steelers football team,” Massachusetts State Trooper Bryan Erickson wrote in a report.)
        ..........The Steelers apparently being waked up in the middle of the night before the game.
So there does seem to be a much that I really can't see the Patriots being allowed to win this game.   As such,  this will be the BCLI NFL GAME OF THE YEAR....BCLI GAME OF THE YEAR...........and NE went 1-1 vs Buffalo,  a team that's "off-and-on",  not a great team,  but the loss was 16-0.  It was Brissett at QB for the Patriots but still---who says New England has to always score?(Lose 34-28.........The worst game in sports history.   Patriots, with silver-grey helmets, outscore Atlanta 31-7 after Lady Gaga wears a silver-grey suit in the halftime show.    Unheard of player James White scores 3 TDs for Patriots in  2nd half after only Lady Gaga costume change includes putting on a WHITE top,  above a silver-grey bottom.   Falcons blow a 28-3 lead with 8 minutes left in the 3rd.  Its almost impossible to blow a 25-pt lead in the NFL.  Since 1991, its been proven that you have more than a 99.5% chance to win the game once you're up by 25 points.  The Falcons did this mostly by being stupid and calling pass plays on 3rd and 1 when all they had to do was kneel down on every offensive snap to let the clock run out.   The Falcons lost the TO ratio in the 2nd half by only 1.   Refs fail to call an obvious penalty when Mohamed Sanu's facemask was being held(a demonstration of the blatant anti-Islamism of NFL refs)........but that was a PASS play:  Atlanta was determined to be stupid and blow it.  The all-time most pathetic CHOAK in sports history incites CHarles OAKley to spazz out in MSG and get ejected 3 days afterwards.    2nd half was more blatantly fixed than anything I've ever seen.)


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