Saturday, November 07, 2015

NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS +5 over Michigan State Spartans(Win 39-38)
NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS +170 over Michigan State Spartans------MSU is 8-0 SU 2-6 ATS.  That means they've been overrated all season.   MSU is off a bye here.   But Nebraska has the home-off-road-loss and 2 years of Revenge motivation.   Nebraska is 3-6 SU with some losses to sucky teams like Illinois and Miami.  But they are 4-5 ATS.   Consider that Nebraska got very unlucky last game when they were -4 TO in a loss.   And that their #1 RB is Terrell Newby with Zack Terrell having thrown 72% and 3 TDs for Western Michigan in a 54-7 win--covering the spread by 32 points-----2 days ago.   Armstrong is listed as "likely to play" for Nebraska.   But the kicker is that CFB's greatest play of the season occurred last week on Halloween as an 8-lateral kick-return TD for Miami in the game's final 6 seconds was a TD for Corn Elder.   And these are the Nebraska CORNhuskers and that is why we will be bringing the house to win this,  the BCLI Ncaa Revenge Game of the Year............BCLI Game of the Year!(Win 39-38........Nice game!  Imani Cross 98yds TD.......Brandon Reilly game-winning TD with 37 ticks left.......Jordan Westerkamp TD, 143yds.........Armstrong 2 rushing TDs........Newby didn't carry much at all, maybe he's not the #1 RB)

CLEMSON -10 over Florida State------Mismatch;  FSU lost to Georgia Tech,   Clemson beat Notre Dame.   And Clemson has the home revenge.(Push 23-13)


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