Saturday, October 24, 2015

OREGON STATE BEAVERS pk over Colorado Buffaloes-----Oregon State is home-off-2-road-losses;  there's gotta be a kick to that.   Colorado looks like the better team,  due to not losing by so many points.  But both teams are 1-5 ATS so.........we'll disregard "power ratings".   Colorado does have the Revenge,  but the revenge sure AS FUCKING HELL didn't help Illinois or Indiana today.  But blowouts by Clemson,  Oklahoma State and Bowling Green revealed the days big winner:  Orange (Syracuse and Tennessee didn't win,  but they both covered).   And yes,  Illinois was STUPID enough to play in grey and white jerseys(Never...........have I seen that team playing in those colors.  Why?  I have no fucking idea).   But,  I'm assuming,  there could be a dash of orange in the Oregon State uniforms.   Not a lot,  but there should be some.(Lose 17-13..........Who the fuck is Nick Mitchell---North Bend, Washington----and why was he in this game playing QB for Oregon State and throwing a 36% pass completion percentage?  33 total passing attempts for Oregon State and 13 completions----god that sucks.   Oregon home.........outgains them by 72 yards...........Failure.   Fuck this damn team.)


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