Thursday, November 22, 2012

HOUSTON TEXANS -3(-120) over Detroit Lions------After a promising start in 2011,  Lions coach Jim Schwartz scoffed at and ridiculed---from across the field-----1st-year NFL coach Jim Harbaugh for not knowing the challenge-flag rule.   Harbaugh's 49ers beat the Lions that day......Harbaugh shook Schwartz' hand too hard and Schwartz ran after him to chest-bump him.   From that point forward,  the Lions have gone a horrible 7-13-1 ATS and only 9-12 Straight Up.   While Harbaugh is a respected Michigan Man,   Schwartz seems to come off most of the time as a hyper-active,  spazz-tek Jew;   He doesn't look like a football coach at all.   And the Lions will not win another game until he is fired.   While the Texans have respectable road wins over the Bears and Broncos,  do the Lions even have one respectable HOME win?   Maybe Seattle,  but that's it.   Whether its 'bad coaching',  lack of discipline(Titus Young OUT today for discipline) or having a BAD COACH,  the Lions are not contenders this year,  they are spazz-tic PRE-tenders.   If you look at ARian Foster and AndRe Johnson,  Houston has one of the hottest letter-combos in sports right now as,  just yesterday,  Allen Roberts had a season-hi 20pts in the Miami O Redhawks upset victory while the day before that,  Columbia beat Villanova for the 1st time since 1969 with Alex Rosenberg getting 21pts.   Lions suck;  this game is a blow-out.(Push 34-31...........{DETROIT (AP) -- Jim Schwartz threw a challenge flag when he didn't need to and the Houston Texans made him regret it.....Replays showed Forsett's left knee and elbow hit the turf near midfield, and the automatic review that accompanies all scoring plays probably would have taken the TD off the board. But NFL rules say that throwing the challenge flag on a scoring play negates the review - and is an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to boot.

''It's on me,'' Schwartz could be seen saying to assistants and players on the sideline as he tapped his chest. ''It's on me.''

Yes, it was.}........I thought Houston was a little better than this.  But Schwartz,  at least,  admits that he is ruining the team)


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