Sunday, November 18, 2012

ST LOUIS RAMS -3.5 over New York Jets-----How's the name 'Sam' doing?  Iowa State's Sam Richardson,  as a freshman who'd never passed before,  throws 85% and 4 TD as the Cyclones twist through Kansas.   In CFB,  #1 and #2 went down yesterday,  I would argue,  not wholly to Baylor and Stanford,  but to a NUMBER:  8.   #8 Glasco Martin 3 TD's for Baylor..........#8 Kevin Hogan 69% at QB for Stanford.   And while Eastern Michigan's #8 Alex Gillett had a TD with a combined 105 yds rushing and receiving with 37 passing yards in EMU's win as a 14 point underdog,  Temple,  as a 3 1/2 point underdog,  traveled TO Army,  crushed them by 31 points with SEVEN TD'S by #8 Montel Harris!  Yeah,  one guy had 7 td's and 351 yards........and his number was 8.(Lose 27-13.......Absolutely unacceptable and I have no idea how this happened.   If you're the STL Rams,  with a QB named Sam Bradford w/ #8,  I can't possibly think of a set-up where you would have better luck than this one.   But they didn't;  Jets won the turnover ratio by 3---STL is at home in this game, remember---and Bradford threw only 52%.  For every force,  thing and individual that conspired to screw up this game,  Know that you will be hunted down and nailed to the door with a silver cross.)

LIONS  +140 over Packers-------Packers off the bye while Lions have home-off-road-loss..........Memphis HUGE 46-9 win yesterday as 8 1/2 point underdogs with #9 Jacob Karam at QB throwing 87%.   Lot of injuries on both teams........but Lions have the 9 at QB.(Lose 24-20.....Lions -3 TO blow a 20-14 lead with 4:25 left in the 4th quarter;   Stafford 43%)

BROOKLYN NETS -3 over Sacramento Kings(Win 99-90........there's some 9's)


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