Friday, March 13, 2009

BULLS +3.5 over 76er's--------Bulls have the revenge, the +offense and are OFFL. Philly doesnt cover at home........Bulls have TY, (Lefty) Rose and an AG........and an AG came up big yesterday for Bama(Win 101-104)

CHARLOTTE (+100) over Houston--------Houston has the +offense and is OFFL. Char has the +ATS the revenge, +1 day of rest and home-off-road-loss. They are 20-13 ATS at home(Lose 91-86)

WARRIORS (+100) over Dallas-----------Warriors have the +offense and the Anthony and they do well at home(Win 119-110......Anthony Randolf 14pts(+7 over average)........Deutchland.........uber alles, motherfuckers!)

NEW YORK KNICKS -5.5 over Minnesota--------NYK have the +ATS, the revenge and the +offense. Timberwolves suck and are the worst team in basketball(Win 102-94)

MICHIGAN +2 over Illinois--------Mich has the +offense, Illinois has +8 days of rest. There's something suspiciously wrong with Illinois' team......starting around the beginning of February.........they've lost to Penn State twice and done bad. Michigan has covered 5 of their last 6.(Lose 60-50.......I knew I shouldnt have done this; and this was the last chance I'm giving to the bankrupt state of Michigan and that slut-whore Anne Arbor)


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