Wednesday, February 25, 2009

PACERS -7.5 over Memphis-------Pacers have +ATS, the revenge, +1 day of rest, the +offense and home-off-road-loss. That's quite a bit. Memphis only has OFFL and has lost 4 of their last 10 by more than 7 and 1/2 points(Lose 104-99)

WASHINGTON BULLETS +5 over Philadelphia--------Bullets have the revenge, +2 days of rest and are OFFL. They have an AJ......Darius("I think you'll find: I am kind")......a Caron, a Dominic. With those names they're playable in a home revenge spot. Philly is OFFL(Lose 106-98....well, Fuck Washington, they had plenty of advantages here.......Dominus did well, I mean, Dominic.....10pts above his average........and Javeris Crittenton with 11pts.......)

MARYLAND +6 over Duke(Lose 78-67)
MARYLAND (+220) over Duke----------Maryland has the +ATS record, the revenge and +1 day of rest. Duke has the better offense but they are an iffy team on the road this year(only 5-4 SU)(Lose 78-67.........I see, Mary's not that good. But Gerald Henderson (19pts) from MERion PA. Ahhhh, yes. m E r.)

GEORGE WASHINGTON COLONIALS pk over Chalotte 49ers-----------Charlotte has +1 day of rest, is OFFL, and has the better offense. GW has the revenge and home-off-road-loss. That's 3-2 Charlotte BUT...........considering 1)the 49ers are a hideous 1-10 ATS on the road this year and 2) the price of gold has come down about 30 bucks the last three days, I'll play the home revenge here with the Colonials(Win 92-88........thanks to Damian Hollis(25pts) for salvaging this near catastrophe of a day. Hollis Queens. Daemonion is..........well, a Daemon. what does this mean?)


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