Monday, February 23, 2009

SACRAMENTO KINGS +9 over New Orleans----------Kings have revenge, the +offense and home-off-road-loss. New Orleans is OFFL. Sac has not covered very much at home.......but NO is a poor ATS on the road. The 'WEST's came thru strong yesterday in Cleveland(NBA) and Minnesota(NCAA).....and the Hornets have one. But he(David) is from New Jersey, not a good place to be from with the Goldman Sachs tower there and that criminal gang still not paying me. And Sacramento is, of course, a long way from Cleveland and Minnesota. New Orleans is having a serious crime problem right now. Undocumented immigrants are working......making money there. And they're getting robbed after they get paid because they can't get bank accounts to put their money into to keep it safe. The Obama administration must enfranchise those "hard-working" Americans and give them citizenship so they can get bank accounts. And the New Orleans Hornets must, of course, suffer loss and misfortune for the horrible theft crimes of their city's negrotic thugs.(Win 112-105.......Kevin Martin, they shot an INFANT......... take away the guns.....these people......)


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