Monday, July 03, 2017

LA ANGELS(Meyer) +111 over Minnesota Twins(Meji)------Pujols bats 3rd on this team and is hitting .233 so..........that's not an impressive offense.  Meyer's hard to hit but his walk totals are obscene(Meji's are bad too.......but not as bad).  Angels on 2-4 run;  Twins running 2-6.  I'll try Angels here because I think this matchup was played previously,  with both pitchers doing well, and the Twins won---giving the Angels the Revenge in this game.(Lose 9-5..........very poor pitch selection by Cameron Maybin against Meji,  who had good control.  Meyer walked 4 and gave 5ER.  He can throw 96-97 with some movement,  but his breaking ball should be slower.  It should be a curveball.  The way his arm bends back behind him naturally could result in a very big-breaking curveball if he tried that.   As it is now,  he seems to waste his slider outside----not a very effective pitch)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Moore) -138 over Kansas City Royals(Kennedy)-----Moore did good in his first start;  Mariners on a 2-5 run here at home.(Lose 3-1..........Moore made it through 8 innings with no walks.  But.........I don't know about this guy;  his curve is a very dull roller.   Mike Zunino:  pathetic swinging K with runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out.  Boog Powell then K'd)


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