Wednesday, June 21, 2017

NEW YORK METS(Pill) +199 over La Dodgers(Hill)------America's murderous genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia is not being accurately represented;  with the spiritual damage the US military and its leaders have perpetrated and inflicted on the world,   this is not a shining city on a hill.   It is a catatonic,  common-mind staring vacantly fentanyl-Oxy PILL!   It is a pill.   America's a FUCKING Pill now.   Ohhhhh,  and I am predicting a dramatic change in the fortunes of the LA Dodgers.  Yes I am.  This is reality.........Hill has averaged less than 5 innings per start.(Lose 8-2.........well Ann Coulter was definitely sitting behind home plate at this game,  talking to Reggie Jackson.........Granderson hit an HR and Grandal hit 2 HRs)

TEXAS RANGERS(Ross) -112 over Toronto Blue Jays(Biagini)(Lose 7-5)
TEXAS RANGERS(Ross) -1.5(+170) over Toronto Blue Jays(Biagini)-------Well,  Ross has pitched more this year than he did last year..........But god the Blue Jays fucking sucked vs Martinez yesterday.   I don't even like their offense.........and I think they need to get their asses kicked.(Lose 7-5.......6-0 in the 1st inning:  Tyson Ross totally sucks.  92 Mph and then a weak-ass slider or cut-FB at up an HR to Darwin Barney??   Can't believe Ross is in MLB..........Napoli too old to play........Steve Pearce 3-3)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Newcomb) +116 over San Francisco Giants(Samardzija)----I doubt the Giants,  as well as both these teams together,  would wanna FUCK ME 2 days in row.   Giants are 5-9 in games Samardzija has started so..........and he's favored:  that's a good price for the home team.(Win 5-3.......GWHR Matt Kemp.........I like the way Newcomb throws;  he won't hurt his arm.  He went 6 3 1 1 3 but Luke Jackson got the W)

HOUSTON ASTROS(Fiers) -113 over Oakland A's(Manaea)----Look:  FUCK the A's.  They just lost for me twice with Gray,  who SUCKS,  we know that now,  he was just good 2 years ago so people assume he's still good;  he's not.  But look at this line:  Astros have won 17 more games than the A's and they've outscored the A's by 88 runs.  How are the Astros not favored by much more?  I think Manaea's gotten lucky----he's really a wildman,  you know.(Win 5-1..........Carlos Correa 2-5 HR)


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