Wednesday, September 06, 2017

NEW YORK METS(Gsellman) -110 over Philadelphia Phillies(Pivetta)-------No illusions about Gsellman---he sucks.   How much of their team have the Mets traded away?   Granderson's gone; do they still have Bruce?   I don't know.  Mets are 1-4 in September and 20 games under .500 for the year.  But they have Nimmo.   Ok.   At home against the mediocre Pivetta.  I'll try this.(Win 6-3........Brandon Nimmo 2 SFs.............Asdrubal Cabrera 3-3............Travis d'Arnaud 2-3, HR)

SEATTLE MARINERS(Moore) +139 over Houston Astros(McCullers)(Lose 5-3)
SEATTLE MARINERS(Moore) +1.5(-115) over Houston Astros(McCullers)-----This line's come down from Houston -170.   McCullers has gotten a lot worse over his last 4 starts........Moore gives WAY too many runs and he's hittable.  But he's only walked 1 every 7inn.   And Ben Gamel,  on Mariners.......did you see what Ben Lively did last night:  2-4 with an HR as a hitter! and he pitched a 7 inning 4-hitter at Mets.(Lose 5-3.........Moore did good,  allowing only 3 hits in 6inn.  Seattle was on track to win this game when they take out Emilio Pagan after the 8th and put in Edwin Diaz in the 9th,  where Cameron Maybin hits a 2-run HR off him to make both these bets lose.)

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Cole) +118 over Chicago Cubs(Quintana)-----Pirates extended their winning streak to what is not 4 games after that girl got caught in the train down there know,  I don't really see the Cubs winning that division this year.  Cole hasn't been real consistent---at least when I bet on him but...........I'll go with Pirates at home here.(Lose 1-0..........Pathetic Pirates can't hit.   Couldn't even get 2?)


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