Thursday, March 16, 2017

SOUTH DAKOTA STATE JACKRABBITS +22(-105) over Gonzaga Bulldogs----Yesterday,  Georgia lost,  Georgia State lost,  Georgia Southern lost and George Mason lost.  I find extraordinary.  All those teams were favored,  with George Mason being favored by 10.5 and losing the game by 15 points and Georgia Southern losing its game by 25 points.  All those teams have 2 'G's in their names,  as Gonzaga has.   I really don't know why this happened,  but its such a profound piece of information that I have to play it on something.  Gonzaga, of course,  often blows teams out know who they lost to?  BYU,  a team that just lost by 16 yesterday in the NIT to UT Arlington.  So I think(yeah,  UT Arlington) I'll go with the doctrine of "anything can happen" for this game.(Win 66-46............Mike Daum 17pts)

MOUNT ST MARYS MOUNTAINEERS +27 over Villanova Wildcats-----Nah,  that's too many;  Villanova has beaten American by 42,  Seton Hall by 30,  St Joseph's by 31,  Lafayette by 40 and St John's by 41.  But they beat DePaul by only 3----AT HOME----and by only 13 on the road.(Win 76-56..........Miles Wilson 22pts)


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