Wednesday, April 17, 2013

CHICAGO CUBS(Villanueva) +100 over Texas Rangers(Grimm)----At 4-9,  Cubs are at home with Carlos Villanueva,  who has had 2 good starts vs good offensive teams Atl and SF.  And with Carlos Gomez going 3-4 w/HR yesterday as Carlos Gonzalez went 3-4 for Col......Cubs should have a good chance to win.(PPD)

MIAMI MARLINS(Nolasco) +135 over Washington Nationals(Detwiler)----Detwiler has had 2 good starts but......Nolasco's been good too.   And with the White House under assault from "poison mail",  Marlins might good at home in the swamp today.(Lose 6-1)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Tillman) +110 over Tampa Bay(Moore)----Moore has allowed 8 walks in 11 innings but only 3 hits......but Tampa's bullpen is suspect.(Lose 6-2)  


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